During the early 2000’s TOMO was looking to expand. In fact from day 1 it was set to become a chain. Unfortunatly this never materialised. We did open 3 stores in Glasgow and when the main Nottingham Store closed we opened 2 small stores within the city and then the next step was a Mansfield store and a Chesterfield store. This in my opinion was the beginning of the end for TOMO. The larger format store was a major unique difference, that was lost when we moved to the smaller format stores. It also became less about AAA locations and more about a balance of reasonable rent Vs location. The phone industry was and still is all about scale. The bigger you are the more trust and the more money you make…Simples.


TOMO_Landlords_Pack 1TOMO_Landlords_Pack 2

What TOMO offered for small businesses.

So located in the far right corner of the store was a glass fronted, purple carpeted business area.

I spent alot of my time in here with customers and directors from networks etc. When we were starting out alot of the competition could sell smart devices. Not very many (if any in Nottingham) could set up the smart device to even go on the internet and send and recieve emails. It was good for us because we could… To see the director of a network visit and leave with his emails working, something his IT guys couldnt set up was fantastic… 🙂


PDF version:



In store printed material

Here is a sample of some of the material customers could see and pick up in the store.

The small card handouts in the top left were folded over the top and contained product information.

Some of the above are leaflets we handed out to potential customers and some are POS in the store.

We had a A4 tariff guide printed in both sides with each networks tariffs listed. Both contract pay as you go and value added services such as text bundles and data.

From memory we had very little network POS. Another change from the status quo as during this time it was networks which were a big pull.

Richard Emanuel

This is Richard Emanuel who was the man who founded TOMO. Richard gained his wealth through founding DX Communications when he was 23. DX was later sold to BT Cellnet in 1999.

TOMO was part of the ITS group which included Total Repair Solutions (TRS) which had a repair shop in the far left of the store.

Harmony financial services which provided the very competitive TOMO insurance scheme from memory it was £3.99 per month bargain.

MJoy they provided some of the accessories that TOMO sold in the near right hand side of the store.

T-for Telecom which was a Dutch mobile phone retailer. With little direct connection with TOMO.

Thank you Richard, TOMO provided me with some great memories. I wish it could have lasted longer, but all good things must come to an end.


So I’m trying to remember the original team.

So here goes (surnames left out)

Michael (Store manager)

Guy (Sales manager)


Graeme (me)







Later we had others join.

Next was:





Simon (another one)


Matthew (next store manager)





We also had a head office team of


Mark (Operations)

Bryn (Marketing)

Andy (Recruitment and development)

Robin (product buyer)

Ben (IT)

Jaqueline (HR)


Tony (Operations)

Andrea (Learning and development)

There were others who joined and people who left but maybe I will detail them in another post but this to my knowledge is the original team.

First blog post

So today I have purchased the website

TOMO was a company who I worked for from 2001 til it closed in 2005.

I worked in 3 different stores but I really want this site to focus on the Clumber street store in Nottingham.

It was ahead of its time and was something a network store would be proud of today. Based on a french perfume store design it was eliptical in shape and contained a area for SME businesses, a repair centre, internet kiosks (yes they were a thing.) and dedicated accessories. It was the first store to arrange its phones by manufacturer, something that is common place today.

I would like to make the site a historic reference for the store.


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